The Nice Spice: Zingy Za’atar Adds Unbeatable Flavor

Looking for a fresh flavor to add to your weekly menu? Look no further than zesty, herbaceous za’atar! Used for centuries in Middle Eastern cuisine, za’atar is a savory blend of dried thyme, oregano, and toasted sesame seeds mixed with the citrusy tang of sumac. Brand new to our shop and fresh from the farmer’s market, we’re absolutely in love with Z & Z DC’s signature take on a traditional Za’atar spice blend.

Though it may be new to you, don’t feel intimidated by this nice spice! Savory or sweet, za’atar is an easy addition to all of your favorite dishes. Za’atar brings fantastic character to any application—we love it in everything from soup to nuts!

Need some inspiration? We’ve assembled some of our favorite foods below—za’atar you waiting for? Read on for rad recipes—let’s get cooking!


Soups and Salads

Start your meal off with a bang! Traditional ingredients like chickpeas and fattoush explode with the unique essence of za’atar in these classic Middle Eastern starters.


Side Dishes

For a little something extra on the side, za’atar adds savory style that seriously slays. You can’t beat the perfect one-two punch of zesty za’atar paired with roasted roots and crunchy cruciferous vegetables!


Basic bread falls flat next to these tangy, nutty flatbreads. Good enough to make a meal on their own, even better served alongside a hearty soup or a meaty main course.



When it comes to incredible entrees, these majestic main dishes are designed to shine. The rich taste of za’atar is the perfect companion to any protein, especially in egg, chicken, and lamb recipes.


Got the munchies? These goodies are great additions to app plates and party platters, or as a healthy alternative for junk food junkies in the middle of a snack attack.


Don’t skip dessert—indulge a little! The best part of any meal gets even better when you add tangy za’atar to the mix, bringing a delightful touch of citrus to pastries and earthy sweetness to dairy-based dishes. Serve these desserts alongside vanilla ice cream with a sprinkle of za’atar on top for a true showstopper!